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How is the DISC significant to recruitment?

The answer to this resides in how the DISC, is an integrated system designed to help an individual describe their own workstyle.
A workstyle refers to all the different ways a person may behave in a work environment, relating to their own unique personality traits (formed through past experiences) and the specific situational context they find themselves in; such as how they would act in their usual routine versus when they are under unexpected pressure.
The DISC consequently correlates to the personality qualities of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, whose levels are recorded when a candidate independently completes a DISC report.
The results of which can empower them with a an in depth perspective of themselves and how they are likely to respond when placed in various circumstances.
Additionally, the DISC also highlights individual strengths as well as qualities where more guidance may be needed. It is therefore vital to note that an important element of the DISC’s purpose is to elevate a person’s confidence; by aiding them in finding a career that correlates best to their individual behavioral attributes.
In accordance to this, the DISC may just as well be used by Managers to help them understand and respect their employees work style. The DISC can be instrumental in aiding employers and recruiters to identify ‘who’ is suited for a particular position, based on the workstyle that correlates to it the most.
Ultimately, this program is a stepping stone towards expanding one’s self knowledge about existing potential and how it can best be utilized within one’s chosen career path.

“Propella has worked with Jackie Cory and Associates for the past 4 years and we have always been very happy with the high standards of reporting and feedback given for assessments conducted for us. Jackie is always willing to take time to go through reports and explain feedback. Thank you for your input over the years.” – Linda Lawrie

“It’s been a pleasure to have worked directly with Jackie Cory and with Jackie Cory Recruitment (Pty) Ltd over the past 15 years. Jackie and team do the hard work to send through high quality candidates who have excelled in the appointments made. This recruitment agency is professional, prompt and determined to fit candidates into the right position where they will thrive.” – Leigh van den Berg